4 Must-Have Bathroom Upgrades

Your kitchen may be the hub of your home, but your hardworking bathroom deserves some credit, too. After all, it’s the place you get ready for the day as well as where you begin settling in for the night.

If your bathroom is lacking in the aesthetic or function departments, it may be time to renovate. A bathroom renovation can add value to your home if you decide to sell, and it can add immediate value to your life. Here are four bathroom upgrades you should consider.

1.      Flooring and Tiles

If you’re completely over the beige tiles in your bathroom, it’s time for an upgrade. Be sure to choose a tile you’ll love for years to come because replacing tile requires a major demolition. You can always change paint or fixtures, but tile will be there for a while. Upgraded bathroom surfaces enhance the look of the room immediately and are a great place to start.

2.      Added Storage

Storage may not be something you think of initially, but it can really improve your lifestyle. Consider how you use your bathroom. If you don’t have many bathrooms in your home, it may need to accommodate multiple people in the morning, for example. Would drawers, cabinets, or even open shelving make your life easier? You may even want a storage closet added to the interior of the room.

3.      Improved Lighting

Builder-grade lighting might do the job, but is it inspiring? It usually consists of standard lights over the mirror that are cheap to buy and easy to install. While natural lighting is best, windows aren’t always possible in a bathroom. Make up for it with fixtures equipped with bright LED lights that’ll last. And use your fixtures to show your design style and to make the room beautiful.

4.      Separate Shower and Tub

A separate shower and tub can be both practical and indulging. Separating the two adds elegance to your bathroom, especially if you go with a glass surround for the shower and a large soaking tub. It can also be practical since two people can occupy the space instead of just one. Creating separate spaces will require a whole new layout for your bathroom and can really transform the room.

If any of these ideas have whet your appetite for a bathroom renovation, get in touch. We will work with you to be sure your own checklist is met so you’ll have your dream bathroom.

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