Say the words, “We’re building a custom home,” and you’ll get a wide range of reactions from horror stories to tales of satisfaction and accomplishment. At Bo-Bud, we don’t do horror stories. Building a custom home is not a mysterious process, there are no secrets to it, just a series of steps that require experience, knowledge and adaptability.

The LotThe Lot.

You may already have your custom home lot, or we may have a lot in our inventory that’s just right for you. If not, we will work with you and our contacts in the real estate community to find the lot of your dreams.

bo-bud-02The Plans.

Our plans (we have a whole library of fine home plans to use or modify) or yours, our architect or your architect- we will work the way you want. If plans are ready we can jump right into the estimating process, if not, we will start with conversations and move to schematic drawings and full plans.

bo-bud-03The Price.

We will start early in the process with a clear estimate and a full understanding of your budget. We will refine the pricing as we work together on plans and selections.

bo-bud-02The Contract.

Our contract will be clear and detailed. Nobody wants surprises in the custom home building process. To the extent you have made selections, these selections will be included in the contract. If you decide to go forward with allowances we are happy to go that route. Any allowances not fully spent will be refunded to you 100%.

bo-bud-05The Money.

We will introduce you to lenders we work with to give you a range of financing options for your custom home project. Or we will gladly work with your lender if you already have one.

bo-bud-06Building Your Home.

This is the fun part. Watch and you’ll understand our love of home building as your dreams and hard work become a reality.