5 Home Design Trends to Try This Spring

Spring is upon us, and many of us are making changes in various areas of our lives. But don’t overlook your home when contemplating a makeover. The year 2020 is bringing several bold and refreshing trends in home design. Read on to decide if any of these trends are right for your home. 

1. Bold Tiles 

Over the past decade, we’ve seen backsplashes and bathroom floors take the form of the white subway tile. However, these design details are doing a 180 in 2020, making way for statement, patterned tiles.

2. Wood Paneling

Don’t let the phrase fool you – wood paneling is getting a modern makeover in the new decade. Think of panels done in a thin, slatted style or used in creative angles. Even bathrooms and kitchens are sporting the fresh, warm style of modern wood paneling. 

3. Muted Green

We know, we know – classic blue is Pantone’s color of the year. However, dusty greens like pistachio and olive are coloring the walls of homes right now. Homeowners who usually stick to neutrals can use these green shades for a pop of color. 

4. Curvy Furniture

Large, rounded shapes are shaping our furniture in 2020. Expect to see upholstered pieces, such as sofas and occasional chairs, taking a flowing and curvy shape. Some pieces are even asymmetrical, taking their cues from the décor of the 1970’s. 

5. Arch Details  

The arch is another design detail that is gaining traction. Curved doorways and windows are becoming increasingly popular, similar to what we see in the cave houses of Greece. The arches are smooth and clean rather than ornate. 

Can you imagine any of these home design trends in your own space? Give us a call, and let’s update your home with modern and refreshing details. 

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