5 Home Projects and the Best Time to Complete Them

Once you’ve completed one home renovation, are you already onto the next? Home ownership means always having another project to tackle and new ideas to try. To plan your year of home renovations, consider the following schedule.

  1. February: Painting interior walls

Why not work on indoor projects while the weather is cold and dreary? That way, you’ll have more time to spare when the weather turns warmer. Also, during the winter months, you are more likely to get a better price on projects like painting for your home’s interior.

  1. April: Refinishing flooring

Don’t save the task of refinishing hardwood floors until the summer months, or you’ll regret it. Hot temperatures and humid conditions can cause the finish to cure too quickly and the sheen to dry improperly. However, April’s weather is mild enough not to ruin this project.

  1. June: Cleaning up the exterior

After the Spring showers have ended, it’s time to power wash your home’s exterior, as well as clean the windows. However, be sure to test an area before you begin to avoid damaging your paint with the powerful force of a cleaner.

  1. September: Installing new windows

September is the perfect time to replace windows because temperatures are mild enough for the caulking to set. And, replacing windows before winter arrives ensures you will add energy efficiency to your home.

  1. November: Overhauling the bathroom

Since business tends to be slower for contractors this time of year, you may be able to get a discount on work for your home. Ask for estimates on your small bathroom’s renovations, especially if you plan to re-do the tiles or cabinetry.

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