6 Classic Paint Colors That Keep Your Home in Style

Maybe you just completed a major home renovation. Or perhaps you are looking to refresh your home decorating scheme. Either way, color is sure to be a huge part of the equation.

Paint in the home is like icing on a cake. It provides beauty, flair and personality. But choosing the right paint can be daunting. What if the color goes out of style? What if you simply get tired of it?

Instead of trendy, opt for classic colors to give your home lasting beauty. Painting is quick and easy, but the gorgeous effects will last for years.

Here are 6 timeless paint colors to give your home a new look that won’t go out of style:

(All paints are Sherwin-Williams)

Dover White
This lovely paint has plenty of gray in it to keep walls from looking stark. It’s the perfect color for living rooms because it allows your furnishings to take center stage.

Cascade Green
A warm sage green, Cascade Green is a soothing color that works well in kitchens and bathrooms. Use tans and browns in your decorating scheme to create an earthy look.

Naval is a saturated blue that brings a formality to your rooms. Dining rooms look sharp in it, but it would also make a nice statement in a guest bathroom.

Classic French Gray
This color is especially suited for home exteriors. It gives a timeless look without being boring.

Rave Red
This bold color is perfect for both nautical and country decorating schemes. The kitchen, family room, or even foyer would make a statement in Rave Red.

Extra White
Like a crisp set of white sheets, pure white walls never go out of style. Use this paint for a spacious, airy feel.



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