Home Design: What to Do with an Empty Nest

It’s inevitable if you have kids: they grow up and move out of your home. After the glow of graduation, and once the kids have moved out the last of their things, you’re faced with empty space just begging to be transformed. How can you use an empty space in a way that suits your new situation?

Imagine the possibilities of a whole new room in your house. When your kids move out, you get a spare room without having to move! That room could become a library, office, craft room, etc. Or, you could turn the room into a guest room, or even a playroom for when the grandkids come to visit.

Kitchens are also a space homeowners are rethinking. For example, older kitchens often have a desk nook for homework and the business of running a household. Do you still need that space in that way? You could transform the area into a wet bar for entertaining. And consider the bathroom, too. The kids’ bathroom could be turned into an in-home spa getaway or simply a guest bathroom.

No matter what age you are, taking accessibility into account is a smart idea. If you plan to stay in your home and “age in place,” now is a great time to make some transformations using accessible design.

Ideas for accessible design include installing grab bars and wider doorways. Lighting is another aspect, which is often overlooked. Dimmers add a simple way to control lighting for people with changing eyesight.

Even though you may feel that a redesign will erase some memories, think about it this way: You are making the space to make brand new memories for you and your family. Please get in touch for a personalized redesign to suit your own empty nest.

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