How to Make Your Small Space Feel Big

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. If your home is on the smaller side, you may be wondering how to get the most out of your space.

When moving isn’t an option, you can leverage design tips and tricks to help maximize your home. Read on for five ways to make your small space feel big.

1. Paint walls white. This tip may seem obvious, as white walls tend to make a room look brighter. However, it’s not all about lightness – white walls provide an empty canvas for your furniture and decorative pieces.

2. Think of how you’ll use the space. Consider the intended purpose of each room, especially rooms that will have multiple purposes. For example, will your bedroom double as a home office? Use furniture placing to clearly designate the “zones” you will need.

3. Use color to differentiate each area. Color can also be used to separate space. For example, if your home has a combination living and dining room, consider painting a bold accent wall to set one room apart.

4. Use full-size furniture. If your living room is small, it may seem intuitive to buy a smaller sofa and chairs. However, small furniture can make a space look smaller, not to mention it may not be as comfy. As a bonus, large furniture can help hide clutter such as cable boxes or wires.

5. Buy furniture with dual purposes. Make the most of your space with furniture that does double duty. For example, choose a daybed that can serve as a sofa during the day and a guest bed at night. Select an open bookcase to hold books and treasured items while also serving as a room divider.

Do you have a small space that needs to feel big? Get in touch to see how we can make your home work better for you and your family.

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