How to Update Your Fireplace for Winter

As the weather starts to take on a chill, we’re looking for ways to celebrate the season. From bringing out the cozy sweaters to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, now is the perfect time to indulge in seasonal favorites.

If sitting around a fire makes your list of favorites, consider sprucing up your home’s fireplace with one of these tips.

  1. Add Glass Fireplace Doors
Everyone enjoys the ambiance of a wood fire on a cold night. However, leaving the fire unattended isn’t safe. The only way to leave a wood fire is to close it off with glass doors.

Thankfully, installing this safety feature isn’t hard – Door come in standard sizes that can fit any fireplace opening.

2. Repair and Revamp Your Bricks

Hot fires can do a number on your fireplace bricks, leaving them cracked and crumbled. These problems are not only unsightly, they also leave the bricks vulnerable to more damage.

Before you light the first fire, examine the condition of the mortar and replace any bricks that have been damaged.

3. Consider a Salvaged Mantel

A mantel can be the anchor of a room, framing your fireplace and providing a shelf to display beloved photos and memorabilia. That’s why you can find them in many homes, including older ones where the mantel can get quite ornate.

Visit antique stores that specialize in salvaged architecture, along with estate sales, to dig up a gorgeous mantel to grace your own home.

4. Tile Your Hearth

Mantels aren’t the only place for beauty. The hearth is the home of a hearth, providing it with a barrier between the fire and the rest of the home. Why not adding colorful tiles to change the whole look of your fireplace? This project makes a huge impact on your entire room and only takes one or two weekends to complete.

Do these ideas leave you craving a cozy fire? Get in touch to see how we can turn your living space into a warm winter retreat.

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